Indiana Jones Sounds!


While creating the Punch Sound Effects Pack, I did a lot of listening to old and classic punches.  One of the most memorable punches in the history of film, for me, is the Indiana Jones punch.  It is a classic punch that has a very unique sound compared to modern day punches.

After a lot of experimenting, I found that I could recreate the classic punch by mixing in some of that classic "whip" sound.  I also discovered that some of the matrix movies also used whip sounds as their whoosh elements.  I'm pretty sure Bruce Lee movies used a whip for their punch sounds as well.  Anyway, I couldn't just take whip sounds from a library, I needed to buy my own whip and record my own whip recordings to be able to add this into my Punch Sound Pack.  So, that's exactly what I did.

I bought an authentic David Morgan Indy Bullwhip.  David Morgan created the original whips used in the first Indiana Jones movies (which Ben Burtt and his team recorded to get all those classic whip sounds in the movie).  The picture above is the whip I bought.  It's the same design David Morgan made for the original movies.  I watched some youtube videos on how to crack a whip, and then went out and recorded whip sounds in multiple locations.

These sounds worked great, and it also added just a bit of authenticity to the Indiana Jones Style Punch sounds that you will find in my punch sound effects pack.  It was really fun recording the whip!  And, incredible useful.