The Story Behind

"Normal Doors" SFX Library


It all started on the very last day of making Uncharted 4.

I was tasked with making two doors sound better.  Two doors opening and closing.  This included implementation changes.  AND, I had 2 hours to complete this.  By 2 hours, I mean in 2 hours the game was done, submitted, over.  There was no do-overs.  Add onto that, this was my 23rd hour of working IN A ROW.  It was an all night-er.

At first, I thought this wouldn't be a problem at all.  It's just a normal door, right?  Well, I guess I haven't done a lot of door opening/closings in my career, because this turned into a nightmare.  I couldn't find ANY good source for doors.  All the libraries I had were very dated or had too much "room"/reverb in the recordings.  I looked for more boutique libraries, but I found that those libraries had a HUGE variety of different doors, but not a large variety of JUST NORMAL doors.

I couldn't believe it.  It's just a door!!!  it took me the full 2 hours of extreme pressure and frustration to come to a semi-passable door sound.  I wasn't totally happy with it, but it was pretty good.  I checked in my changes literally 5 minutes before everyone in the audio department was shut out and done with the single player game.

That day I vowed to never be in that situation again.  I almost immediately started recording door sounds.  I didn't want to make libraries like the ones I've seen trying to record ALL the doors in the world.  I just wanted to record normal household and industrial doors.  It took about 3 months of recording and editing, but I finally was happy with my variety and now it's out in the world!


Hopefully no one will have to go through that frustration I had with this new library.  

I have a lot of great ideas of sounds and libraries I want to record next.  Now that Uncharted 4 is out, I'll have some more free time to go out and record!  I'll see you soon!