Reaper is a digital audio workstation.  I was skeptical about trying out Reaper because I thought it was some complicated DAW that was for open source, hippie sound people.  I have been using Pro Tools for 15 years.  I actually really love Pro Tools.  I consider myself an expert in Pro Tools and I feel like I'm really fast at editing and getting around.  But, our studio is transitioning from Mac's to PC's.  Windows 10 and Pro Tools 12 are not working well together.  So, it opened up options for new DAW's.

I jumped into Reaper to see what all the fuss was about.  FIRST, let me say that Reaper is incredibly difficult to start editing in.  It's SOOOOO open and programmable.  At first, I couldn't do anything.  Luckily, I found some tutorials by the great David Farmer on how to get Reaper up and running.

After getting a very basic setup going, I tried to explore all the functionalities of Reaper.  Wow.  Reaper is amazing.  With the right setup, EVERY game audio designer should be using this DAW.  Here are just some reasons why:

1. Subprojects

2. Tab Sessions

3. Attach FX per wavform or per track

4. Macro's (keyboard shortcuts and binding multiple actions to shortcuts or mouse clicks)

5. SCRIPTING!!!!!!

Essentially, Reaper is almost a perfect DAW.  It's perfect in that you can customize Reaper to fit you and your workflow.  You can almost script anything.  There are some limitations to Reaper, but it far surpasses Pro Tools functionality.  The only issue is that it takes FOREVER to setup.  And, it's not easy to find all the tools you need or scripts you need to get up and running fast.  So, with my computer engineering and programming background, I went to work.  It has taken about 6 months of work and implementation to get Reaper working like Pro Tools.

GOOD NEWS THOUGH!!!!  Now, I have all the macro's, key bindings, scripts, etc.  Someone can take all these settings I've worked hard to develop and get Reaper up and running in about 5 minutes.  5 MINUTES!!!

Sadly, I'm in crunch right now at work.  But, after a few months, I'm going to start rolling out tutorial videos and a comprehensive overview of Reaper in one location ( this website!!! ).

Reaper is SOOOO fun to edit and create sound in.  I just want everyone to be able to see it for themselves.  So, stayed tuned for Reaper updates in the future!!!!